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For whom

Individuals with spina bifida, family members of spina bifida individuals, doctors who treat spina bifida, paramedical professionals treating spina bifida, public health officials, other caregivers, sponsors, supporters and well-wishers.

Benefits - for Spina Bifida Individuals

  • Guidance and facilitation for obtaining the correct and complete medical treatment.
  • Assistance and help for funding of medical treatment for deserving families.
  • Assistance for admission of spina bifida children in normal schools to promote their education and complete rehabilitation.
  • We undertake medical and counselling camp in different states in India for individuals with spina bifida and their families.
  • Get recognized on spina bifida social media platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Outreach camp & training activities for spina bifida individual.
  • Celebrations & wellness programs.
  • Checkups & counselling sessions.
  • Assistance for employment youth4jobs
  • Network and connect with spina bifida individuals and families – worldwide
  • Participation in exchange visits
  • Access to full content on website
  • Access to newsletter
  • Special merchandise

Membership Cost

  • For lifetime membership for Spina Bifida individuals is Rs. 1000
  • Non-spina bifida lifetime membership is Rs. 2000

Benefits - for Doctors & Paramedics

  • We conduct CMEs and lectures for medical and paramedical communities to create awareness about different types of birth defects and neural tube defects and its management.
  • Easier and cheaper access and registration for conferences and updates
  • Become part of state medical teams and committees
  • Network with the spina bifida community – worldwide
  • Access to full content on website
  • Access to newsletter
  • Special merchandise

Benefits - for Sponsors/Supporters/Well-wishers

  • Avail 80g certificate.
  • Get access to our newsletter.
  • Preference and discounts for advertising on our website/newsletters
  • Get involved in our activities & initiatives.
  • Avail a chance to conduct training programs for our children.
  • Shout out on our website and social handles regarding your activities/services/products.
  • Members are entitled to receive entry to all conferences held by spina bifida foundation through an early bird registration. You can benefit from this opportunity by getting connected to some of the top influencers of spina bifida community from around the world and can also present their experience and work related to spina bifida and other birth defects.
  • Connecting with major stakeholders of spina bifida community in india that includes top pediatric surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, physiotherapists, public health activists, and government officials.
  • Connect to a broader network of individuals living with spina bifida and their families from all over india.